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Why we’re making pay flexible

We created Orka Pay to allow valued teams to access their rightfully earned pay, as soon as they’ve worked a shift

Orka Pay was born as part of the Orka Works app, the labour marketplace used by over 60,000 hourly-paid workers. Other companies soon started asking us how they could offer their own staff Earned Wage Access.

Tried and tested

Utilising the power of API integration, Orka Pay is the stress free way to offer Earned Wage Access to your team. Attendance data is fed into our system in live time, allowing each employee to see and drawdown from their available balance.

  • Orka Pay was established in the Orka Works app in 2018 and has been successfully servicing a community of 60,000 workers since.
  • Orka Pay was built specifically with hourly-paid workers in mind and is complimented by the wider Orka suite of products.

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