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We’re making pay flexible.

Earned Wages Access fits seamlessly into your business. Our state of the art integrations mean your team can access their rightfully earned pay, with no disruption or cost to your business.

It's not just your team that benefits...

Improve retention

Differentiate yourself from the competition by giving employees ultimate pay flexibility and financial security

Zero business fees

We recover costs from a small fixed percentage charge (first £50 each month is free) to the worker for each withdrawal

Flawless integration

We handle the integration to your payroll systems meaning there’s no disruption to your business

No internal disruption

Our tried and tested systems are built to run autonomously, there’s no need for internal resource allocation

Empowered workforce

You empower your workforce to manage their finances how they want to, so there’s less distraction at work


We’re fully aligned with your payment processes so there’s no negative impact on your cashflow

Invest in employees financial wellbeing

All employers want a happier and more engaged workforce, give them one less thing to worry about with access to Orka Pay


Improve employee relationships

All employees want to feel cared for.  With Orka Pay, you’re offering a benefit many of your competitors are not.

Instant access, with no business disruption

Once activated, Orka Pay operates autonomously, meaning there’s no added disruption to your business operations.


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