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Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to change my systems to work with Orka Pay?

Not at all. One of the best features of Orka Pay is that it integrates into your existing time and attendance systems. You can find out more about this process by scheduling a demo!

How much does the app cost my employees?

Nothing. The app can be downloaded on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free. The fee per transaction is then clearly shown to the user before they choose to withdraw.

Do we have to exchange data each payday?

No. Integration is the key to what makes Orka Pay a hassle free solution. Once set up, our systems speak to yours and automatically calculates the pay withdrawn.

Is this a loan?

No. Orka Pay simply advances the rightfully earned pay of the employee, then recovers that balance from the employers on pay day. This continues as an automated cycle, so there is no impact on your businesses payroll.

Are you FCA accredited?

Yes, we are FCA accredited through out payments provider, Modulr. Registration number 900573.

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